Vegan Dietitian Debunks Low Carb / Keto Diet | Lee Crosby, RD


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In this episode, PCRM’s vegan dietitian, Lee Crosby, debunks a low carb / keto diet and explains why they are not ideal for health and longevity. This interview was filmed at the International Conference on Nutrition in Medicine 2018. #vegan #lowcarb #keto

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  1. My sister is pre diabetic and when she tried a vegan diet. No matter how much protein she ate, she felt so exhausted and even unfocused that she had to quit. She tried for several weeks. The only way she could eat as little sugar as she needed was to go back to meat and decrease her carbs. How could she have lowered her sugar on the vegan successfully?

  2. So by eliminating high carbohydrate foods. Bread, crackers, grains, pancakes, potatoes, pasta, rice, chips, sugar and pizzas. And replace them with vegetables, meats, fish, nuts, avocados, eggs and healthy fats You will have a heart attack. Really, I don’t think so.

  3. I'm not arguing weither a vegan or a low-carb meat based diet is the correct diet but your body does not require carbohydrates. The body can manufacture glucose from carbohydrates, protein, or fat through the process of gluconeogenesis. That is a basic biological scientific fact. She is just plan wrong on her understanding of the human body. If you haven't eaten for about 18 hours you slip into ketosis because your glycogen levels have dipped low enough to cause your liver to produce ketones. It's as simple as that.

  4. Before we had supplements we easily could have eaten keto and thrived ,
    But here's the fact we could not be vegan ,
    We would have died from all the vit deficiencies ,
    These vegan BS videos , amazing

  5. This lady is an idiot! Of course Keto is not going to cure diabetes and neither will pills! Keto is great for diabetics because it helps keep glucose levels low and reduces the need for insulin and bullshit pills that doctors love to prescribe! A Keto diet will not cause a heart attack either, animal protein and fats are essential to the human body, bullshit carbs and grains are not! How can an “educated” person be so stupid and make such idiotic claims! We live in a sad, sad world! This lady really is bananas 🍌 😝 😂

  6. Seems like a nice lady but she's biased and doesn't actually try to refute why most people choose a ketogenic diet. Dietitian/nutritionists don't have all the answers they always have a few theories that they PERSONALLY subscribe to.

    Overall she doesn't look healthy, overly thin like most vegans. She also forgot to mention the part where vegan diets cause women to lose their period and men to lose their erections.

  7. The sustainable tweak to the already sustainable Keto diet is High Good Quality fat, moderate protein, low processed carbs, and UNLIMITED non-starchy vegetables. NO side effects. I’m going on year 2. Plus i tried going vegan for 3 months before and felt as weak as a corpse. This video, DEBUNKED!

  8. It’s popular because it works, plain and simple. Not everyone wants to eat Vegan….not everyone finds Vegan food appealing. And NEWSFLASH….one does not need to eat lots of saturated fat on a Keto diet. There are plenty of other ways to get healthy fats. Avocado, flax, chia, hemp, olives, nuts, seeds…..are all great sources of fat. My keto consists mostly of these things above plus spinach, kale, asparagus, brussels sprouts, and salmon, shellfish, mackeral, and sardines.
    ‘debunked’ is such a stupid term. Just because it does not jive with your personal agenda does not mean it has been ‘debunked’. There are plenty of former Vegans out there who clearly did not gave success with that way of life. Does not mean the diet is ‘debunked’ as clearly there are people that it works for. Humans are complex and unique. To suggest that one way is the only way is absurd and very close minded.

  9. All this Keto people will deny science just to keep eating cadavers, they don't understand that in the long run they are hurting themselves, the planet and animals, but they are SO SELFISH THAT THEY DON'T GIVE IT SHIT ABOUT ANYTHING.

  10. I'm a 3rd year clinical nutrition student to become an RD, and the more I learn the closer to a vegan diet I get. I will not go fully vegan, but I only eat meat once or twice a week. I also eat a moderate carb diet, because I love fruit.

  11. Try just meat and water for a week. With no toxins from vegetables, your body will not be so stressed from zero carbs. And no carbs will absolutely kill your carb cravings, which is a drawback from Keto. Because it is still low carb. I have been carnivore for a month and my brain feels BETTER than ever! Your body manufactures the needed glucose.bam.

  12. Yes!!! Vegan RD here as well! Loved this interview! I have a pt coming in next that has been on a low carb diet&I’ve been so excited to go over it with her&hope to change her mind:)

  13. So many deliberate lies in short amount of time. Both of those scumbags would eat butter, seafood, offal, and all the food they say are bad. If you want to be healthy eat lots of organs especially liver, and seafood, shellfish, muscle cuts, butter, cheese, cream, raw or unhomogenized milk, and dont eat white rice/grains. Fry in tallows or lard not vegetable oil.

  14. Those who knock the Keto diet as a “fad diet” are sadly ill informed. Kerogenic diet has been used for about 100 years as a treatment for epilepsy. 100 years! How is that a fad?? There is plenty of serious science going on about it.

  15. The part Keto critics seem unable to understand is that of the 75% fat consumed by the body on Keto is from the body itself. When you are in ketotsis you only need a single meal a day. You do not feel hungry.
    I have lost 50lbs in 90 days. That is not because I ate gobs and gobs of fat. It’s because my body burned gobs and gobs of stored fat. BTW it’s saturated fat


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