What I Eat On The Carnivore Diet and Why I Want To Stop


This is what I eat in a day on the carnivore diet and why I want to stop. Carnivore vs keto diet. Is too much fat actually bad? Do you have to be in ketosis on the carnivore diet? Are plant fats healthy? Will I stay carnivore forever? Will I go vegan again? High fat vegan diet or balanced high fat ketogenic omnivore diet?

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  1. Also check out 'Daphne Reloaded' … look at her 'I am no longer a vegan' vids. According to her most all veggies are bad. Not all, but most. I am so relieved i no longer have to eat kale or spinich or any lettus. Her trips to the hospital with gall stones proves that. She is dynamite.

  2. Did u get keto flu when u first started carnivore? I’m on day 3 and have bad heart palpitations… gonna see how far I can push myself without feeling toooo bad. Ps. I’m taking my electrolytes

  3. So you know you cant kill the parasites by cooking right? Most parasites are undetectable. As a vegan of 30 years i never gave up meat for my own health i did it for reasons beyoned myself, vegan or meat eater karma is karma we all have health challanges and thats ok. I have enjoyed your vids, but i dont want to see the dead flesh or watch anyone eating it.

  4. Remember when you were bashing the hell out of keto dairy girl!? And I told you Bruce Lee's quote, the irony lol! Glad to see you honestly exploring now! And more so letting go of that hostility! Happy trails!

  5. 4:06 "I'll make a video when the transformation is complete" hahahahhahaha you reminded me the movie "Split", and it's 23 personalities and it's transformation in the end, mind blowing dude @Vegetable Police

  6. You should try actual raw cocao beans. They're nutty and sweet to. But flavanoid sweet not sugar sweet. Also you should consider adding nuts, the kind you can eat raw. But only eat like three and watch for reactions. After going through a range of nuts that way to find what works for you, then you can eat like one each of 3-5 nuts a day or at least not more than that at a time. And by the way, with the super sugary fruits and beef, it could very well be arginine that was breaking you out. We need arginine, but I myself was very hypersensitive to arginine breaking out everytime I got a rich amount from anything. Well, accept from watermelon. In fact water melon doesn't have anywhere near the sugar that it tastes like, those are flavanoid rich ketone vapors. Blend it and you can tell immediately that it doesn't have jack for sugar. Tastes more like lettuce juice afyer blending. But watermelon for whatever reason works awesome on the carnivore primary diet. It supercharges your reproductive/vital organs, and cleanses your other organs. Plus it is a very very effective and sensitive way to keep yourself alkaline and out of acidosis.

  7. VP may I suggest eating raw at one meal…and saving your cooked food for a snack, for example. Rather than mixing cooked with raw. Helps digestion. Raw food moves through quicker than cooked. Cooked slows the raw down.

  8. Did you ever figure out that you don't need vitamin C if you're not eating carbs? There are plenty of examples of this, including some researchers that got stranded in Antarctica for a winter and the individuals that hunted and only ate meat were the only ones that didn't get scurvy. The others that ate the food stores on the base (that had carbohydrates) all got some level of scurvy.

  9. If you have digestive problems, don’t eat rich foods, high fat foods. Just eat easy to digest meat and cut off the big fat and chewy bit. Not everyone can eat fermented foods. Processed meats are not a good idea. I tried acv couldn’t do it. I can’t tolerate any citrus either so this meal would kill me.

  10. Those lemons that you thought were sweet may have been Meyer lemons which originally came from China. They are much sweeter than regular lemons. My sister grows them in her back yard.

  11. I got here late so don’t know if you found out…but you can get vit. C by eating liver. You should definitely add more organ meats. You don’t have to eat a lot…but 6 to 8 ounces a week. Just a thought.


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