2 Month Vegetarian Experiment Results


A brief summary of my personal journey:

Exploring & living a pescatarian diet for 2 months and the effects it had on my body.
Coming off the back of being a very heavy meat/chicken eater I felt lighter & thought Id lost weight during the experiment.

Turns out, I lost muscle and gained 2% body fat.
I definitley FELT leaner and when I weighed myself on the odd occasion in the middle of the day, my weight was down from my norm if I had weighed myself at gym during the day.
This proved that the meat I would eat would be heavy and sitting in my body where-as the vegetarian food would be digested much faster making me lighter through the day.

My Body Composition Analysis was an accurate measurement weighed first thing in the morning (fasted). This proved that my ACTUAL weight after 2 months had not actually changed at all.

Personal Trainer/Aerobic Instructor
Mum of two
BF usually sits steady at 20%

Love a challenge. Aiming to compete again Oct 2019.

Let me know what you think 🙂

Thanks for watching.



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