What Happened After the Vegan Month Ended


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  1. Nothing wrong with being partly or mostly vegan! Me and my wife are mostly vegan but eat meat&dairy on special occasions or when it's difficult to find vegan food. It's getting easier though!

  2. Remember even if you are at a place where you know there is not much of an option for a vegan meal, DEMAND it. The pull toward a plant based economy is imminently needed..and every request counts.

  3. I don't know if this is a thing in America, but in Australia at least McDonald's has recently introduced vegetarian and vegan burgers, so if you're surviving on fast food while travelling that might be an option (if America is following suit, that is)

  4. I was getting hungrier when I started going vegan, so I just increased the size of my meals. Lunch and dinner I might have a second plate instead of just my main, and I snack more on seeds and fruit. There are some junk snacks in there but very minimal, never said I'd give up chocolate. I think snacking is what causes people to get hungry – if you stick to your meals more-so and snack right after, in time you won't start getting all that hungry in between meals.


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