Is Veganism Healthy or Harmful?


This video defines veganism and explores the benefits and pitfalls of following a vegan diet. This video explores the effectiveness of vegan diet and the related health results. We also interview a vegan, Aïda Retta, of the Vegans of UBC club in order to get their first-hand experience of following the vegan diet and to dispel any myths associated with veganism.

This video was created by McMaster University Demystifying Medicine students Najih Shabir, Viraj Sharma, Gabrielle Retta, and Abanoob Tawadrous.

Copyright McMaster University 2019.


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  1. Well now… there’s peer reviewed studies showing vegans are at a higher risk of some forms of cancer. The healthiest diet consists of all food groups… more veggies, less meat and way less sugar. Meat has nutrition benefits that just aren’t found in a vegan diet… honestly does anyone believe most heart disease patients ate a well balanced diet? Excess of anything is bad.

  2. I don't think any of this shit matters, animal agriculture is destroying our planet and is an unsustainable food source for a growing population. The western world is fucking everything with its greed and has done since it begun, I hope terrorists take us out tbh, we deserve everything we get.

  3. Great video, but you forgot to mention something for all the vegan haters out there who will look for anything for meat to be superior. B12 is a vitamin ONLY made in soil. The only reason B12 is in meat is because animals eat some soil when eating grass. In primitive days, humans wouldn't wash their veg and would therefore be eating B12 from traces of soil on the veg. The only reason we Vegans have to supplement B12 nowadays is because of the modern way we pesticide and decontaminate veg. We kill the B12 before it gets to our bodies. So in other words, its modern day processes that makes Vegan have to supplement when in the wild our ancestors wouldn't have had to….. So in other words, theres nothing wrong with the vegan diet, it's the way food is processed in modern day society.

  4. Whenever they do a balanced diet vs a vegetarian diet why don't they make sure the meat is natural, they purposely get store bought meat rather than organic meat to further their, cult agenda. The Lord GOD said through his servant, " every creature of GOD is good and NOTHING TO BE REFUSED if it be received with Thanksgiving.

  5. Protein from beans is the option to the lack of it in a vegan diet. With high uric acid level in beans, from what other food source can one with gouty arthritis get protein into the diet?

  6. Sprouts are one of the healthiest things to eat… easiest things to grow, too! Just be sure to clean well before eating. I suggest blanching with noodles for a minute.
    It wouldnt hurt you to try your hand at a greens patch somewhere in your yard or even just a pot. Soil is uber important, compost. It helps with b12…

  7. Vegans are 3x as likely to get Cancer, Vegans go to the Doctor more due to Illness, Vegans miss more work due to Illness, Vegans have a far higher rate of Mental Illness……..Veganism is Unhealthy

  8. Vegans may have to use supplements to get sufficient vitamins??? Nonsense! Vitamins are abundant in fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, pluses, and grains. That's why people are told to eat them!!

  9. You didn't mention a few pitfalls. Cardiovascular disease is one. Veganism is good for lowering cholesterol, but some people have one that is too low from their vegan diet.
    The vitamin deficiencies should've been talked about more. There is more than just B12(which is a definitely a major one, and the supplements are usually derived from animals)
    Also stones! Leafy greens cause lots of gallbladder and kidney stones, which does have the potential to be deadly. Lots of vegans have to stop from stones, some even having to remove their gallbladders.

    This video seemed a little biased..


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