SHARING MY STORY – Vegan + Ayurveda


Sharing My Story – Vegan + Ayurveda

WELCOME to FoodxThought!

Today, I’m sharing how food changed my life! Although being VEGAN may not be for everyone, I believe there are simple, plant-based, changes that ALL OF US can make that can have a huge impact on our health.

On my channel, you will find delicious VEGAN recipes and how to combine foods for maximum nutrition. As well as, AYURVEDIC recipes and eating in a balanced way. I hope to encourage you to find balance and improve your relationship with food. I hope to shape your view on food as a source of life and joy and vitality rather than something to track and monitor and control. I believe MINDSET MAKES THE DIFFERENCE.

Let’s make the difference, TOGETHER!

I invite you to JOIN THE CONVERSATION and COMMUNITY of food positivity and DANG DELICIOUS FOOD, of course 😉



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