Interview with Greazy Vegan Cardiff


Hi and welcome to our most recent video interviewing the epic founder and owner of Cardiff’s hottest New Vegan Junk Food Restaurant The Greazy Vegan!

Meet Will,and learn about his journey from novel idea to sell-out pop-up opportunities to a packed full blown restaurant found right in the heart of Cardiff’s City Centre, in Castle Arcade opposite Cardiff Castle on the corner of arcade!

They even do online ordering and deliveries, takeaways or eat inside, whatever takes your fancy.

Full details can be found on their website: www.

Plus as an extra bonus, see me taste test March 2019’s special item: The Big Moc with Vacon minus the pickles, hehe in the next video coming up real soon.

This place sells out of items daily and really early on as soon as they open from midday

Plus it’s a dog friendly restaurant!

It’s completely unique and the tastes and flavours they have managed to recreate are quite honestly astounding and I don’t know how they do it

As a vegan for over half a year who has eating issues, this is hands down my favourite place to eat and even my meat eater friends can’t get enough or tell the difference

So if you haven’t already bern here, what the Heck are you waiting for?! They are open 7 days a week from midday and I cannot recommend them highly enough!

Oh and The Big Moc with Vavon gets a HUGE thumbs up!

Thanks again to Will at Greazy Vegan and his family for allowing us to film and for your interview Will and all staff at Greazy Vegan, especially Charlotte for keeping my stuff behind the counter when I acvidently left it there and the interesting conversations and great service!

Hope you all enjoyed this video and PLEASE hit that subscribe button, tell us what you think in the comments, share far and wide and please like this video!
Until next time, “As they say in Canada, Peace Ooooot” – Rick from Rick and Morty reference to round this description up nicely!

On a slight note we where using new equipment on this video just getting used to It all, we filmed with the Hawaii P20 Pro using the dji osmo mobile 2 stabilizer and we even got out the microphone too. So please take the time to Like. Comment & Subscribe.



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