What We Can Learn from 23 Ex Vegan Youtubers | A Deep Dive


In the past few months we have seen a small but controversial number of youtubers who once promoted a vegan diet go back to eating animal products for health reasons.

This has sparked conversation online about many important things, and that’s why I personally think that all of these “Why I’m No Longer Vegan” videos are actually a really good thing.

In this video, I go over the experiences of 23 Youtube influencers who are no longer vegan, compare them, point out the trends, and look at a few “What I Eat In A Day” videos from some of the most influential ones to see how calorically + nutritionally adequate they were.

What I found probably isn’t a surprise to many people but I think that we can all benefit from learning how to take better care of our health rather than following 24 year old girls online who don’t know anything about nutrition.


if you need a little laugh after all this serious stuff, check out bananablondie’s satirical video on why she’s ‘no longer vegan’:

woman almost dies at doug grahams water fasting retreat:

lilykoi hawaii video where she talks about colonics:

adrenal fatigue isn’t real:

Mic the Vegan:
Healthy Crazy Cool:
Pick Up Limes:
Unnatural Vegan:
lilykoi hawaii:


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  1. The website used for tracking the food towards the end of the video is cronometer.com 🙂

    Also I've been told Elle Tayla is currently plant based again and eats a more balanced diet and shares about it on her IG.

    And Raw Alignments timeline is a little wrong since she lied about when she started eating animals products and who knows what else. She started eating eggs September 2018 apparently, don’t know if that has much of an effect on the information I shared about her though.

  2. This was a really good and informative video… I'm vegan for the 3rd month now.. I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables and nuts but not legumes my nails also started breaking but then I started eating legumes as well as almond and pistachio milk that has B12 and now I'm fine… I'm still figuring things out but the important lesson is that stable diet and variety is the key

  3. Alyse really pushed me back into anorexic habits. Yes, I was eating fruits and veggies but they aren’t very fatty or caloric, which is what your body needs. I’m now (2 years later being vegan) experiencing extreme problems with my nutrition and eating habits. She really pushed me to be “healthy” but now I’m even more unhealthy..granted I am at the weight I wanted to be, health is deteriorating. I’m now 5 months eating meats and finally feeling better

  4. You kinda lost me about the guy who had a heroine problem. Some of the most intelligent people have drug problems, doesn't make them less intelligent. Sometimes being so smart and having to deal with idiots and getting bored of this world is what leads people to drugs.

    Agenda 21 is real.

  5. RT4 was good in the sense that it got a lot of people with eating disorders to start eating again BUT it was a very unhealthy mindset to be in and caused stomach issues for a lot of people. The same thing happen to me. Eating too much fruit destroyed my gut and skin. Now I just eat a balanced vegan diet with lots of healthy fats and I feel amazing 🙂 Freelee should really start promoting a balanced vegan diet if she wants to keep people vegan.

  6. so these people were just eating fruits n vegtbls…no beans,rice,potatoes,corn,cactus,…they should of tried mexican diet=beans,rice,corn tortillas homemade,nopales,papas,tunas,..💪🇲🇽

  7. What I've learnt from all ex-vegans stories and my own experience is, that vegan diet is not for everyone. It almost killed me. I tried any version of vegan diet and consulted many vegan/vegetarian doctors and experts. And get really sick for 6 years. Till I discovered GAPS diet from Dr. Natasha Campbell. It saved my life.

  8. 1:24:05 If vegan is such a good diet then why do you have to supplement? Surely a good diet gives you everything. We are omnivores. A few teeth for eating meat and most of our teeth are for plants, therefore, eat more plants than meat but eat meat.

  9. ParrotPost needs to watch this. She's one of those types of vegans pushing people away from the lifestyle faster than greased lightening. It's really disgusting, honestly. People (myself included) tried to point this out to her and instead of taking a step back and reflecting she tried to guilt, gaslight, and manipulate her viewer base and the people criticizing her. She's since started deleting any and all comments that don't perpetuate her vegan circle jerk and now a once peaceful, relaxing channel about birds has since been transformed into a vegan elitist cult from hell.

  10. i have not ate meat in 10 years. 5 years 100% plant based. 18-28 years old, ride bmx, work a full time warehouse job, If your interested I would suggest typing into your search bar, game changers or, fork over knives. b12 is the only supplement I take. I get blood test taken. I'm not a youtube vlogger and usually never comment on this stuff,…. one of my favorite foods is A GOOD VEGAN BURRITO 🙂 if i have offended you I'm sorry. its getting late I'm going to sleep.

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