I stopped having sugar for 3 months, that’s 90 days without any processed sugar or sugar alternatives. I only ate wholefoods, some fruits, and my meals were all clean and natural. In this video I talk about why sugar is bad for you, what are hidden sugars, what diseases sugar causes, what my tips and rules are for quitting sugar, and my experience.

I also showcase my before and after results of both myself and Adrian who was on the same diet as I was. Quitting sugar helps in many ways and it is not as difficult as people think! You can do this too so start today and share your progress with me!

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  1. Sugar is an addition like caffeine and sugar free options are not the best alternative. The best alternative is dropping sugar out of your life and yes it will be hard but that just shows how much sugar has taken over your diet.

  2. Currently on a 90+ day, health modification; after an original 38 day detox, an additional month detox modification and now here at present.

    I have consistently found that skin seems to become noticeably improved after 2 weeks.

    The detoxing processes get easier with practice and, also, it's so easy to fall back into the trap of overdosing on junk food, if, given in to temptation.

    My opinion is, it takes practice…

  3. I did a no sugar diet for a month and lost 20 pounds, however when I went back to eating sugar I blew up like a blimp!!!! Now I started back on my no sugar diet and decided to make it a lifestyle!!!!!

  4. But if you have it once a week – are you not making it harder for yourself – as you are going to crave it again for a few days after – and keeping the cycle going? Its SO hard to give up – I did it for a year, but allowing a little back in – caused me to fail…2 years later im STILL addicted – maybe more than ever!

  5. Thanks for the tip about shopping. Sugar RUINED my ripped figure. Its 3 years and I look terrible. I may have binge eating tendency as well. Its 3 years since I lost body fat. I cant process it very well. I trained 2 hours daily and I didn't lose one inch. That said its easy overeat. I have a muffin top I cant get rid of and I weigh 7 stone and 5 feet two. It was too easy to gain weight. I am almost afraid of sugar as I cant look at this anymore. I feel a little flatter after one day reducing it. I keep it under 25g and no sauces and just cleaner food.

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