How Chad Lost 50+ Pounds |


Chad is down over 50 pounds since Oct 1, 2018 and 75 pounds since the peak of his powerlifting career. Get some insight to what his diet looks like these days.

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  1. Chad you mentioned you herniated disc's in your back did you have surgery? I had ruptured a disc that I ended up getting a spacer fused in. I want to get back into weight lifting and was wondering if you know anyone who had that type of surgery and had any noteworthy lifts?

  2. Awesome. You have a strong and functional body for when shit hits the fan and protecting your family. Now all you got to do is buy some weapons for the house, stock up on water, ammo and food and your golden. Shit is getting pretty hairy these days.👍😎

  3. Like I know Chad has like…10 or more years of training and athletics on me but seeing him more cut at 299lbs than I am at 239lbs at the same height just reminds me how much extra lean mass I have to build.

  4. For those that can't find Brazilian Steakhouse locally, and cannot wait 1-2 days for Prime shipping, I'm using "Spicy Montreal Steak" and it taste great too. I've had some variation of this meal about 4-5/week since I saw this. Thanks Chad!


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