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  1. Its hard for us brown people (Mexicans) too😭😭😭 Tell me why When i bought a jar of coconut oil and other "healthy" alternatives my mom was picking on me lol its tough to start a healthy journey when your surrounded by food drenched in lard / greasy food😭😭

  2. Loved this video! I was wondering if you could make a video on continuing to lose weight in Ramadhan? I’ve lost 46lbs and still wanting to lose more but i’m becoming super anxious about Ramadhan x

  3. So so so relatable, still on the weight loss journey and definitely the stigma driven by family and culture is what’s been preventing me from giving my full potential 😰

  4. I showed a Brazilian girl your Instagram photos.
    She said you are so beautiful.
    She was interested in the white cord robe you wore wity the Arabic necklace you war.

  5. I’m not Pakistani or Indian but I still know the struggle of family sabotaging your weight loss. My family are huge binge eaters and unfortunately I learned that from them. Currently I’m trying to stop following the learned behavior, and have a healthy approach to food.

  6. U r so mature MA my daughter is 25 years old never had weight problem in our family becouse my father never let us eat food which is not made by us .he is 81 my mom is also same age but my father is v intelligent man he bring so much fruits an vegies and force us to make our menu around these.Butt families r badnam for eatimg alot but my father dont take any medication an walks for mosque all day

  7. The point that i struggle with is the notion that desi food is absolutely incompatible with maintaining a healthy diet. Every video that i see from various youtubers all revolves around eating some type of roasted chicken and veggies aka american, euro-centric diets. Desi food is healthy in some aspects, its use of spices, lentils, whole grains and roasted meats all contribute to health and the idea that one has to give up a major aspect of your cultural identity in order to look a certain way just never made sense to me. Would love to hear your thoughts on this!

  8. I'm Somali and I can relate to you so much. Pakistanis and Somali families are like the same. We're literally going through similar situation and my brothers are making fun of me. You inspired you so much. I'm glad I stumbled upon your channel. Love you sis ❤

  9. I've started to take my own food to my inlaws to avoid eating their fried food. I also avoid rice,roti,pasta. It's hard cos my mouth is watering just mentioning all that food 😫

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