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  1. That planter’s peanut label is wrong
    🙁 The redskin Spanish peanuts are 3 net carbs per 1 ounce. Five total with 2 fiber. Still low and definitely a good snack. Just figured I’d tell you so you knew! You’d be shocked at how many companies put out labels with errors on them. Rao’s has as well. When I first starting buying them they had the wrong total carb count on their labels for months. Apparently the government will let a company finish out the labels they have on hand before they must correct them. It’s a crapshoot LOL!

  2. when i used to do low carb i would use those peanuts with sf choc chips and make my own peanut clusters..I just had gastric bypass 2 weeks ago so no real food yet, but when i go get to food stage those will be a treat for me again


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