I have a new perspective on Chicken Parm at Restaurants! And talk about Nicolas Cage and Adam Levine and LOTS MORE!

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  1. Love your video's…Love the keto recipe's too….I tried the mozzarella and pepperoni chips….Yum!!!! And, you look amazing!!!! The skirt is great, the black top matches and we're your girl's, you're our girl, don't you know that we love ya!!!

  2. You are speaking my language. So, for the last 2 years, my husband and I have created a pick your own blueberry farm. this year is our 3rd year and we should be getting some good berries. We live in central Massachusetts. This is my husband's dream and I support it 100^ so that he can retired at 65 yeras old. Which is only another 3 years. We don't vacation, we have invested all of our money in our home and our property. We own 27 acres of land. I told my husband that I want ducks, Alpaca's and donkey's, so that we can have somewhat of a petting zoo. I knew I loved you for a reason!!!!

  3. And, I would also open up a dog rescue as well….with all of our land, we have no real neighbors, and we have a barn, I would just kick my husbands crap out of the barn… That is my dream when I retire. I have worked very had my whole entire life. I hope to retired with in the next 10 years. That really is my ultimate dream.

  4. I remember you saying that when you retire you want to live in Kauai. Now you want a small working farm with a lama, an emou. Hope I spelled that correctly. And, oh yeah, a pig. You were raised on a farm. You know how much work it would involve. So, the first question is, would you move to a different area in California or even out of California altogether? You would be able to buy a small farm in Kauai. You probably could have your chickens and the alpaca you mentioned too. Check your twitter account please. Love your videos.

  5. Looks delisous I Wii be cooking it forsure, about the pups it just makes me sick. I think animals are just like people. .We adopted a dog from iqaluit. We do anything for our dogs. I will go with out just to make sure they are healthy. As I said Odin our second boy has allergies. Yesterday at the vet for both dogs it was 460.00. All shot done med for eyes because of allergies. He is so much better just after a day and a half. Thank God we have people like you. By the way Mucky. Is to adorable!!!🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢

  6. The View is mindless noise. There are so many great debates, interviews, and conversations on YT where people respectfully exchange ideas. Millions of them. Can't believe some of these obnoxious talk shows are still on the air.

  7. I feel the same way about horse racing. I’m a huge animal lover. I have a little dog that is a mix. And he is so muscular and strong he is stronger than me. Lol. I have 2 long haired cats. And I’m helping my sister with a feral cat that is living inside now. In his own room. He loves affection. All of the animals fight for my attention. The cats are separate from my dog Jack. Because jack chases them under the bed. And the feral cat has his own room. I end up rotating where I sleep to give them all attention. California looks like a fun place to live. I watch Trisha’s videos too of course. I watch a mixed bag. I love the hallmark channel too.


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