Ramadan Weight Loss 23 Hour Dry Fast Results Weight Loss Journey


I am on a weight loss journey and documenting Ramadan weight loss diet plan for 2019. I accidentally did a 23 hour dry fast. Here are the 23 hour dry fast results.

Please subscribe and follow my journey as I go from 273.2 to 183.2 which is a 90 pounds weight loss.

I do different fasting methods:
-OMAD one meal a day
-Intermittent Fasting
-Water fasting, snake diet, snake juice diet, no food fasting
I am 41 years old and 5’9″


  1. Well done sis Masha’Allah… I’m doing water at suhoor (but with the option of a cup of clear bone broth). Dry fasting today 3.48am to 9.11pm iA 😁. Just eating at Iftar with a 1.5/2 hour window. Keep it up, you’re doing great m’A.

  2. keep the momentum up! you don't need 2 puddings (or maybe you do!). that is the old habits sticking around of comfort eating… which you want to break.. long term. trying to justify it as saying sugar/calorie free doesn't change the fact of portion size and "needing" to eat to feel good. you can be sub 210! by the next week if you stay strong and try some dry fast again. BUT it is your life, your health and your channel, i am just watching the journey unfold… good luck! looking forward to tomorrows update!

  3. Congratulations Mieka!!! Ur doing a great job!!! Keep up the good work!!! And your casserole sounds delicious!!! I'm gonna have to try that!!! YUMMY!!!

    I'm on Day 5 of a water fast. I'm doing it not only for weight loss, but for healing my body too. So far so good; I feel great!!! I plan on doing it for 10 days. I'll see…. 😊

    You're getting great results. Keep on doing YOU!!! My Dad is a Muslim, & as he says to me: Ramadan Mubarik!!! 😊

  4. hi great video and those are some great results I'm happy for you you are doing such a good job shoutout to you keep it up thanks for sharing this i really enjoyed it so much your channel is the best take care peace

  5. I decided not to break my dry fast last night. The support of knowing you were in the same boat (on the other side of the day) was encouraging. I appreciate you! I felt great most of the day and slept amazingly well last night. Had Suhoor this morning and still feeling amazing. How did your boys do with the day? 💖 🔥 🌹

  6. Can you hear that? The sound of sweet victory is near for you mieka! Don't look or step back, but I'm sure you know that already.
    You doing Ramadan inspired me to at least try one day fasting a week. So far this week I've done two 48 hour fasts with low carb or keto meals to refeed. I'm working hard with ya! 💙

  7. Don't be upset if you gain, and you most likely will. You lose a lot of water when you dry fast, so as soon as you drink a couple of pounds will come back because your body doesn't want to be that dry. You still did well.👏👍 Dry fasting really isn't difficult the difficulty is more in the mind than anything, at least for a 24hr dry fast. Beyond that, it gets serious real quick. LoL

    Today was an eating day for me, and I stayed keto of course. I'm beginning to think about possibly doing another extended fast. Sure didn't think that would be something I thought about again so soon.🤷‍♀️


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