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Here are my reasons why I think everyone should stop “Dieting”


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  1. l have been on diets always lose weight even went down 50lbs twice but guess what came back even double. l don't diet, l just eat healthy and go gym and boy now l feel like a brand new person, mentally, emotionally, etc and my weight is just dropping now.

  2. Damn bro you've been putting out so many quality videos I have so much content to consume I love it. I watched all your recent videos and I always have to sit down and gather my thoughts before I drop a comment. I think your format has been changing a bit but it makes it easier to take all your advice into consideration. It feels good to hear your words and know that I'm following your advice and implementing your tips into my lifestyle. Please keep up the good work and know that you're making a difference. I live in Los Angeles, I would love to meet you. Scratch that I'm going to meet you I already set the date my name is Eder by the way I've emailed you before, I'll see you there.

  3. This information is so true. I’ve done a lot of research on dieting and the best thing to do is not to diet, but to just have a good nutrition plan that you can stick to.

  4. Diet has become such dirty word these days
    Finding a more balanced and flexible approach to eating is the key
    After my own journey from obesity I’m still searching for a balance in my life with intake
    I think our minds take twice or more the amount of time it takes our body to change
    I’m still on the at mind journey
    Btw Brix I haven’t watch a vid in ages but man you are looking fit and lean 👊

  5. It worked for me…I stop eating cakes, candy bars and sweet drinks/ juices…..started walking a mile on the treadmill 4-5 times per week…..I'll have a cake or pepsi/ Coca-Cola every 5- 6 days…. By me not just suddenly quit eating sweets is what helped me… I probably had a cake every few days or every other week to help with the Cravings until I eventually had less… And I still have them every once in awhile…… At the beginning of April 2019 I was at 317lbs, now I'm down to 269 lb…… But I think mainly drinking water and cutting off sweets is what help me….I did chest press(helped formed my chest& biceps) & dumbells to help my bicepts). No legs or other exercises. …. just those two with cardio will give you a nice build and your stomach will go down from the treadmill/cardio… Good for a start….But my point is like brix said…. quitting sweetsb/etc completely would not help you… And please stay off the scale….. at least until 7 to 8 weeks into this new lifestyle change….. I reprogram my mind and quit looking for changes… But people start telling me I lost weight and asking how did I do it…. so when different people tell you the same thing about your weight loss, means you're doing something right


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