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Full-Body Training For Full Fat Loss. Maximize fat-burning while also getting a boost in strength and size by rethinking your training split.

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Full-Body Training
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Old-school lifters swear by training splits, but there’s something to be said for making full-body workouts part of your repertoire. Dr. Jim Stoppani shares four important reasons to do total-body workouts—workouts that include moves that target every major muscle group. From more efficient fat burning to benefits to your overall health, learn how full-body training can benefit you.



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  1. Hi Jim, I love this video… would you be able to make a video of what exercises would be perfect for a FULL BODY training?! I usually do workout 7 days in a week different muscles groups… would love to know what would be the best FULL BODY training in your views. Thank You so much. Your videos are superb. Have a great weekend.

  2. This flies in the face of the concept of over-training. 6 FB workouts per week? Damn!

    Makes me wonder if the participants weren’t getting “help” (nudge / wink)… to add both strength and size.

    Can you comment on how to reconcile 6Fb’s/week with the premise of overtraining?

  3. Hey Jim, it’s been awhile since you’ve done a back squat biomechanics video! I’m suffering from patellar tendinitis post squatting and it’s hurting my gains! Any chance you do an update soon??

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