Guide to the Vegan Keto Diet


The vegan ketogenic diet is one of the most restrictive diets, but it is possible to pull it off while maintaining your sanity, decreasing animal suffering, and improving your health.


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  1. Watch you nut intake and ensure your stevia choice is NOT Splenda Stevia. Spend the money and get the Now Better Stevia Powder. I made that mistake. Been vegan a long time and actually my diet was pretty close to keto by accident…just a few adjustments. Finding the balance has been a bit difficult … tweeking persay….. I'm only about 15 lbs from my goal after a doing vegan intermittent fasting and vegan diet with lots of walking. From 240 to 167 lbs but have plateaued and wanted to even out the hunger issue. … so I changed to Keto Vegan Diet.

  2. The things people dont mention about vegan diet, yes it's cheap to go vegan, however it's not cheap to stay vegan. Nuts, and a variety of plants, and plant based alternatives are quite expensive for people with very low income like myself. I've been vegan for 2 months now but I'm finding it hard to get the fats I need and the amount of protein I need without getting carb overload. This is very important to me because I'm an athlete and when I first started my vegan transition I felt great but now I feel like I cant put on muscle and my digestion is horrible, I'm talking pooping upwards of 5 times a day and it's almost always liquidy, sorry for the tmi it's just that no one talks about the fact that vegan doesnt work for people in different circumstances. Maybe one day when I have enough money to afford everything I need in order to sustain a vegan diet I will go vegan again but as of today I'm switching back to an omnivore diet. It's way too cheap to get a carton of eggs and get all the fat and protein I need minus the carbs vs 10 bucks for a bag of nuts that's gonna be gone in a couple of days and I'm gonna have to eat loads of other things like lentils and beans on top of that.. lentils and beans are cheap no doubt. But they dont provide me everything I need either. And cause serious carb overload. Basically everything in this video breaks the budget. It's just not cheap to eat like this consistently. Sure when you go to the store and get a bag of kale for a couple of bucks that sounds cheap. But you realize how much kale and spinach and almonds I have to eat in a day in order to make my calorie goal? A fuck ton. And yet I literally never once met my calorie goal on a vegan diet. Not only that but every single day I was short on fat, short on protein and wayyy over on carbs. Sure being vegan and being healthy is possible. But not everyone has the funds to get the variety and quantity they need in order to sustain it. It really bugs me that so many vegans in the comment section call meat eaters evil. Most of these people probably have cats, or dogs, or since they're vegan at least appreciate them. Yet they wouldn't harp on a wild animal for eating another wild animal. Cause it's natural. We eat animals get over it. Sure the way some of the meat industry is run is horrific but it's not the people eating meats fault. It's the people running those places fault. Humans are omnivores, some of us carnivores, some of us herbivores. That's fine. The way we eat shouldnt divide us so much. So to the person in comments that called the meat eater evil. No you're evil for patronizing a human just for trying to eat food in order to keep on keeping on.

  3. Eat vegan, just don't eat sweets. Don't eat sugary vegan foods or pastas. You will be fine. One thing I notice when you go vegan is you discover new vegetables and foods that you never tried before… like miso or coconut aminos. You can make vegan butter and cheese easily too. Good luck everyone <3

  4. Sorry to be pedantic, but mushrooms are NOT "vegetables"; they are fungi; and fungi are neither animalia nor plantae; they are a separate kingdom, which also includes moulds and yeasts. To give you a glimpse on how different mushrooms are from "vegetables", consider this: Vegetables consume CO2, release oxygen, produce glucose… Mushrooms, like many animals, consume glucose and oxygen, and release CO2. Plants's main structural material is cellulose; mushrooms' main structural material is chitin, which characteristic they share with arthropods and insects' exoskeletons. The real mushroom is an extensive underground body, while the mushrooms we eat are the reproductive organs the main body projects out of the ground. DNA-wise, fungi are as far removed from vegetables as they are from animals. You could say the three kingdoms form "a triangle" … — not quite true, as there are other "kingdoms"; but much better than bunching them with vegetables…
    FYI, the largest living thing in the planet is a mushroom in a forest in Oregon, whose underground body extends for like 4 square miles.
    End of pedantic rant.

    Tofu is loaded with phyto-estrogens. At one point I was bodybuilding and eating extra tofu, and I had all kinds of estrogenic problems, particularly upper abdominal fat, horrible looking; after I quit consuming tofu that problem, and the others, gradually went away.
    Seitan … Isn't that the thing that's almost pure gluten? That is TERRIBLE advice. And no, you cannot argue that gluten is a problem only if you are allergic to it; that is OLD theory; today it is well known that gluten causes inflammation everybody's intestines, inducing immune responses universally. The only question is WHEN will the constant insult and immune response lead to a self-sustaining auto-immune condition called Celiac Disease. Gluten CAUSES Celiac Disease, sooner or later; and the more you consume it the sooner it will happen. Not only that: gluten often leads to asymptomatic leaky gut, leading to all sorts of health conditions that are hard to diagnose back to their cause. Seitan should be treated as a biological weapon of mass destruction, and it is only allowed in the market because health agencies don't really care about public health anymore; but that's a long story.
    Finally, I don't know why you are advocating a "low carb; *high protein* strategy". That is the old Atkins diet; not Keto. Keto is *moderate* protein, high fat, low carb. A teaspoon a day of vegan protein powder is probably a good idea; but most people nowadays consume TOO MUCH protein. Any excess protein you consume is converted to glucose via a process call "gluconeogenesis", which is Keto's enemy number one.
    Meta-finally, any vegetarian, and particularly vegan diet, requires supplementation of vitamin B-12, the amino-acid L-Carnitine, and the peptide Carnosine, as well as EPA and DHA omega-3's; and this should be mentioned in any diet advice source.

    The rest of the video is great!
    Disclosure: I'm Keto-Vegetarian (but NOT Vegan).

  5. i am still vegan ..low carb — since 7 years…even without eggs 🙂 would be interesting if here are peoples from France..perhaps Alsace..too : ) ?? its sure hard to find some understanding peoples in my space here……my french is unforutnately so bad : (

  6. Im on this and its easy. basically got the best of keto and vegan. Eliminating starches processed foods, meats and grains, (basically removing dead shit from my diet). My workouts have gone insane, strength up 40-60% I love it!


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