The Best & Worst Diets for Weight Loss


Weight loss isn’t just a fitness goal. It’s an entire industry filled with a multitude of products, exercise programs, and diets that all promise the same results. This explains why there’s so much confusion about how to actually lose weight. How many calories should you consume? Should you do cardio or strength training? What supplements and powders should you take?
Amidst all the conflicting information, it’s well-known that some diets are better than others in terms of long-term, sustainable, and healthy weight loss. Another certainty is that the same diet may not work for everyone, depending on dietary restrictions, food allergies, wellness goals, pre-existing health conditions, and other factors.
Starting a diet for weight loss begins with the decision to actually start. Deciding on which diet is a whole other story.
To help you decide between the best and worst diets for weight loss, here’s what actual dietitians and doctors have to say.
The 5 Best Diets for Weight Loss
1 The Mediterranean Diet
2 A Plant-Based Diet
3 The Engine 2 Diet
4 A Flexitarian Diet
5 The Ornish Diet
The 5 Worst Diets for Weight Loss
1 The Keto Diet
2 Whole30
3 A Juice Cleanse
4 The Paleo Diet
5 Weight Watchers
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