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Dispelling the Myth That IIFYM is Poor for Your Overall Health
by Chris and Eric martinez

Clean Eater: “IIFYM is all about eating junk food.”

Strict Meal Plan Dieter: “IIFYM diet isn’t as good as a meal plan.”

Let us ask you a question…

Are you tired of hearing the above statements?

Are you sick and tired of hearing that an IIFYM diet is poor for your overall health?

I know we are.

You usually tend to see this from those that look at nutrition with a black and white mindset (1).


From those that favor and have an emotional attachment to another nutrition concept such as:

Intermittent Fasting
Clean eating
Keto diet
Eating cardboard diet ?
What’s frustrating about this is nutrition shouldn’t be looked at as good or bad or right or wrong or one diet is “better” or “best.”

The way nutrition should be looked at is what we call “conceptual integration.”

Taking concepts from different diets and integrating them together to fit your lifestyle, goals, preferences, and ultimately increasing adherence and consistency which thus produces results.
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Who I am, and how I launched the IIFYM movement.

About 17 years ago I found myself 3 year sober and divorced.

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